Help desk software built for teams, as well as customers

Complemented by a collection of best practices

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Make support tasks consistent and repeatable

For a 360° view of customer service and support activities

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Eeasy-to-use online help desk system

Customizes to your business profile and size

Separate Workspaces

Facilitates shared or individual help desk workspaces with access permissions for diverse teams and departments and share information throughout organization.

Private or Public Help Desk

Depending on organization’s requirements, close the entire site to guest visitors, or allow visitors to access selected resources without having them sign in.

Two-way Email Integration

Email-to-ticket conversion utility converts customer email messages from the multiple mailboxes into the ticket database, while keeps users up-to-date with timely email notifications and alerts.

Steep Learning Curve

There is no need to install anything. No more complicated team training. Scopedesk is faster and easier to implement and learn than any other traditional online help desk software.

Mobile Help Desk Software

Quick and reliable access while away from the office. Enables access to help desk data from today’s most popular smart phones and mobile devices.


Available in seven different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabian and provides Unicode support so you can write and read content in any language.

Lovely Customer

Don’t Take Our Word for It

“Easy to use and quick to get started. Very little training needed for agents. The support team for Scopedesk is awesome! Very quick to respond – customer service at it’s finest! The tool allows us to take the requests and assign them to the right functional area or SME to follow-up. It gave us a way to track and report on all requests coming into the Employee Solution Center. Works slick!”

“I use Scopedesk to support 11 medical centers in upstate New York. It offers the means to track and triage issues related to our EMR and practice management systems. It has met with approval from my nurses and staff who have learned to master the software almost immediately. Thank you for providing such a useable service.”

“Our use of Scopedesk has improved our company’s ability to address issues across a standard platform supporting multiple companies across the United States in a unified and open environment. This transformed our customer support from using email and a broken ticket system to using a robust solution that keep our clients informed and in control of their support tickets.”

Allow teams to operate in a single point of access

Support ticket system with powerful and easy-to-use features allows collaboration with customers and team members. Use as a simple solution or sophisticated web-based support ticket software, depending on business needs.

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Enrich customer loyalty

Offer 24×7 self-service to your customers with a simple layout, multiple navigation options and personalization capabilities. Allow users to search the knowledgebase, submit tickets by web form or by email and to check on the ticket status.

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Make support tasks consistent and repeatable

From basic to advanced workflow settings based on users’ behaviour or ticket information to deliver consistent help desk process. Capture requests from various sources and then assign and prioritize with minimal manual intervention.

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Track help desk performances

With instant details about help desk activities, you’ll get a detailed and comprehensive view into service management data of your daily operations. From analytic reports to operational listings and charts.

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Change as your business grows

Don’t spend hours or days setting up your help desk application – Scopedesk can be up and running in less than 15 minutes with its flexible and easy-to-use configuration. Appearance settings, company logo, custom form fields, email templates, localization – for faster implementation and expansion flexibility.

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