About us

The Scopedesk (formerly HelpDeskSAAS) is designed, developed and provided by the Escon Information Consulting company with the mission to satisfy a significant number of requests from our customers for help desk software available as a service. We’ve decided to provide an excellent product that would satisfy their current and future business requirements.

Scoedesk’s SaaS architecture is based on today’s most advanced Web 2.0 technologies, including Oracle, Java, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Google Visualization API, HTML5, and others. By using these technologies in an appropriate way, we provide you with the product in such a way that you do not need to worry about anything except your business – we care about technology that works for you.


Escon Information Consulting was founded in 2007 by a team of industry experts, with decades of experience in CRM, Document Management and ERP systems within public, government and enterprise markets. We’re focused on and priced for small to mid-sized businesses and we are bringing a state-of-the-art product to the market combined with focus and integrity. With deep industry and business process expertise, we can mobilize the right people, skills, and technologies to help its customers get maximum value from adoption of SaaS products.

We are customer-focused learning organization that strives to continuously learn form its customers and integrates their feedback into its software products. Our mission is to deliver powerful and practical software solutions that meet the critical demands of the enterprise service management community.

Our advantages

  • Personal Focus We personalize our services to provide value for your organization. Every person and business is unique. We consult with you to determine your service and business objectives, and then develop a plan that accomplishes your specific goals. The way we measure our success is very simple: Customer satisfaction. Interestingly, that’s how our clients measure success, too. In fact, our personal focus has resulted in exceptional retention rates as well as world-class client satisfaction levels.
  • Our Expertise By understanding your environment and specifications, we apply our knowledge of best practices and methods to offer an unbiased view of which customization model is best for your organization. Such practices and methods include SPI, CMM/CMMI, ITIL, and TQM.
  • Our Integrity We base the foundation of our relationships on open communication. We strive for a mutual and accurate understanding of goals, capabilities and expectations. As a result, we achieve a high level of trust and satisfaction with our clients and employees.