Transform Your Service Desk into a Solutions Center

by Bosenyo December 17, 2013 Column

Focus on Service, Efficiency, Costs Companies can’t deny their dependence on service desk processes and technologies for their day-to-day operations.

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Benefits of using self-service customer support software

by Bosenyo July 29, 2013 Column

One of the fastest rising trends in customer support software is the usage of self-service software to bridge the gap

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Information access and management for HR department with help desk software

by Bosenyo January 24, 2013 Column

Employee relationship is essential function of human resource management. An effective communication process established through appropriate media reduces the risks

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Efficient way to track and organize communication with customers

by Bosenyo June 06, 2012 Column

When your company communicates with your clients and customers the process can involve many different people within both organizations and

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Help Desk Planning and Deploying

by Bosenyo March 22, 2012 Column

To set up a help desk and customer support system that reflects your service and support structure, you need a

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Help desk software in a SaaS environment

by Bosenyo September 29, 2011 Column

What is a help desk software? Help desk software is what brings together the different methods of a company’s customer

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Support ticket categorization and classification

by Bosenyo May 16, 2011 Column

In most service desk systems, support ticket classification exists primarily to classify tickets and issues in order to provide initial

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Implementing a knowledge base to boost help desk call resolution

by Bosenyo March 14, 2011 Column

First call resolution and resolutions within the help desk are two measurements that will show you how you’re help desk

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Customer Satisfaction Measurement

by Bosenyo February 02, 2011 Column

The most revealing ways to measure your help desk or service desk performance is to survey your customers. There are

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The Help Desk Performance: Focus on Fundamentals

by Bosenyo November 18, 2010 Column

The successful help desk focuses on the essential service desk and focuses on these fundamentals to raise help desk performance

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