How to

Quick configuration guide

by Bosenyo May 04, 2016 How to

Performing the following steps in the sequence recommended here would save you time and simplify the Scopedesk configuration process. For

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User Management

by Bosenyo December 27, 2015 How to

User Management features automate the entire process of creation, management, and provisioning of user accounts across your help desk, based

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Create custom agent side help desk fields

by Bosenyo January 12, 2015 How to

Scopedesk allows you to set up agent side help desk fields so you can update ticket information with specific data

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Customize support ticket ID

by Bosenyo January 10, 2015 How to

The support ticket ID number is usually displayed to users in email notifications and the portal, and acts as the

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Measuring Response and Resolution Times in Service Desk

by Bosenyo September 24, 2013 How to

In every service or help desk team, it is important to customers that support team provide a consistent level of

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Understanding user roles

by Bosenyo April 17, 2013 How to

Different people can access the Scopedesk system. Those who access the application will have a defined role and hence have

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Add a floating feedback and contact form to your site

by Bosenyo April 15, 2013 How to

Create a submission form that can function as a feedback form on all of your public facing web pages. Having

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Help desk ticket actions

by Bosenyo June 13, 2012 How to

Once you log into your Scopedesk account, you can view the client request and details containing all information and action

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Show ticket url in assignment notification

by Bosenyo December 14, 2011 How to

We have good news for those agents who are too lazy to login and search for a new ticket each

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Using Scopedesk Report Builder

by Bosenyo October 29, 2010 How to

Scopedesk Report Builder is a Web-based ad-hoc reporting, data analysis and dashboard software tool giving users the power to generate

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