Benefits of using self-service customer support software

Benefits of using self-service customer support software

by Bosenyo July 29, 2013

One of the fastest rising trends in customer support software is the usage of self-service software to bridge the gap between customers and the support personnel.

Self-service software allows customers to make decisions about their needs and provides them with a way to communicate those needs to the service and support department and dedicated staff. Studies have shown that customers that are allowed to directly communicate their needs to service teams are more content with their positions than individuals that must always go through multiple layers of administration to get their issues resolved.

selfservice_1There are a number of different functions that can be improved with the use of self-service customer service and support software. Virtually any process can be adapted for use in a self-service environment and can be programmed so that the correct people receive the correct requests for approval. Scopedesk is capable of handling a wide variety of different support processes while others are created to focus on a specific functions.

support_1Using service and support software to allow customers to submit their own information has been found to greatly reduce the time needed by staff and support management to obtain, compile, and submit this information for all customers, especially in IT support systems. By passing the responsibility for submitting their information onto the customers, the team members are more aware of what they have accomplished and are less prone to make mistakes in their information. Allowing the customers to submit their own information to the Scopedesk self-service portal gives you more time to focus on other pressing issues and reduces the amount of time the service and support department needs to spend on each customers’ request.

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