Transform Your Service Desk into a Solutions Center

Transform Your Service Desk into a Solutions Center

by Bosenyo December 17, 2013

Focus on Service, Efficiency, Costs

Companies can’t deny their dependence on service desk processes and technologies for their day-to-day operations. When email goes down, how many calls are logged within five minutes to the service desk? We all rely on the service desk to monitor and resolve our desktop and system-wide issues quickly so our operations run smoothly. After all, the service desk is the company’s interface with its customers, internal and/or external, and is also an integral factor in customer satisfaction.

Service Desk SaaSChanges in the business mean companies have been monitoring spending and reevaluating projects to determine if the benefits outweigh the costs. As a result, IT departments focus on business value, not just technology. This value perspective has led to the transformation of service desks into solutions centers with higher levels of service and efficiency while also reducing costs.

The ultimate goal for a solutions center is to resolve every possible problem at first contact. This means the customer receives an answer on the first call, through self-help, or via proactive outbound calls from the center. If first call resolution is not possible, the center becomes the customer advocate to get a response from other staff. Make sure you deliver high service levels, regardless of location, so you are not sacrificing customer satisfaction for cost.

How to determine if your help desk needs a transformation:

  1. Your goals include improving service desk performance and customer service.
  2. Your speed to answer time and cost per call is too high for your organization.
  3. Service desk staff think of their audience as users instead of customers.
  4. A recent satisfaction study identified areas for improvement in response time, problem resolution, service hours, and/or areas of support.
  5. You plan to update your processes and methodologies with new industry best practices
  6. You want to enhance your metrics analysis, tracking and performance management.
  7. You notice issues with motivation and morale on your service desk team.

Solution Center SoftwareA high performing solutions center can improve your operational processes and the bottom line, all while serving its critical business role in customer satisfaction. The Scopedesk has a rapid return on investment and have been deployed in many companies around the world, enabling them to provide a streamlined service desk with complete audit trails. Essential functionality includes first call resolution and escalation, reporting, knowledge management, and client self service.

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