Create custom agent side help desk fields

Create custom agent side help desk fields

by Bosenyo January 12, 2015

Scopedesk allows you to set up agent side help desk fields so you can update ticket information with specific data you acquire during the ticket solving. You may have up to 15 custom fields. These custom fields can update assigned agents and support managers using the Update action in the ticket Action menu. The agent side fields are not visible to your customers. You can also include the fields to Report Builder to create custom reports. Ticket submission custom fields and agent side fields are similar, but not identical.

agent side custom help desk fields

Creating a custom fields

1. Go to Settings > Ticket fields and choose Agent side custom fields tab. The list of 15 custom fields is displayed. You can choose between 5 text fields, 5 data/time fields, and 5 select lists (list of values) fields.

2. For each of the fields you choose:
– enter the Field name,
– click on Enable chechbox.
3. Click on Apply changes button.

Adding values to Select list field

To add list of values to select list field, click on the Edit icon in front of the field name. The Edit List of values page appears.

1. Click on Add Value button to add values to the list.
2. Insert the Value in the empty row.

Repeat steps above to add more values.

3. Click on Apply Changes button.

Using custom fields

To use the custom agent side ticket fields, click on the Update action in ticket Action menu. Enter new values in the fields, and then click on the Update button to update your ticket with custom information.

update action

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