Customize support ticket ID

Customize support ticket ID

by Bosenyo January 10, 2015

The support ticket ID number is usually displayed to users in email notifications and the portal, and acts as the user’s reference for that ticket. The numbers are assigned in two ways:

  • Sequence, starting with [1], [2], [3], and so on. That means they will reveal the total number of tickets you have had to your help desk, and let repeat users work out how many tickets you deal with.
  • Custom, using reference codes to users instead of ticket ID. A reference code is a string of numbers and letters that uniquely identifies a ticket, but isn’t assigned sequentially. You can customize the reference code format to include information about the time the ticket was created; ticket reference 2014-07-21-FE971 is more meaningful than ticket ID 24912.

generate ticket ID
To customize your ticket ID, go to Settings > Ticket fields. If you check Custom Ticket ID, you can enter the Format you want as a string of placeholders, surrounded by square brackets. For example, [YEAR]-[MONTH]-[A]-[RRR] would give you IDs such as 2014-05-Z-Q9E.
Anything you enter that isn’t in square brackets will be the same in every code.
Here are the available placeholders:

[A] – A random letter
[9] – A random number
[RRR] – A 3-char random string, letters or numbers
[YEAR] – Year as a four-digit number (e.g. 2014)
[MONTH] – Month as a two-digit number (01-12)
[DAY] – Day as a two-digit number (01-31)
[HOUR] -Hour in 24-hour time (00-24)
[MIN] -Minute as a two-digit number (00-59)
[SEC] – Second as a two-digit number (00-59)

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