Quick configuration guide

Quick configuration guide

by Bosenyo May 04, 2016

Performing the following steps in the sequence recommended here would save you time and simplify the Scopedesk configuration process.

For most of the settings items there are default settings that are added to help you with the initial configuration. If you do not wish to have these then you can delete them and add new values or edit them to suit your needs.

1. Basic administration

Define general settings such as login page, background theme, and date/time localization. Settings » General.

2. Set up Queues

Create internal ticket structure and set up outgoing e-mail accounts. Settings » Queues.

3. Register users

Create user accounts and edit their preferences so people can log in: Agents and their access rights, Customers, and Customer groups. Users » Agents; Users » Customers.

4. Customize ticket form

Set up system or custom ticket form fields. Edit topic select list and integrate submission form within website. Settings » Ticket fields.

5. Advanced administration

Edit email notification templates, set predefined ticket responses used to reply to customers, set up email inboxes to get tickets converted from emails, and set ticket tags. Settings » Email templates; Canned replies; Inbound emails; Tags.

6. Automate help desk processes

Automate the most complex help desk processes:
– dispatch and prioritize
– send various alerts to notify users and agents
– meet specific SLA
– escalate tickets to a higher support level.
Workflow rules » Customer actions; Agent actions; Scheduled escalations.

7. Create Knowledge Base

Add knowledge base categories, edit articles and grant access. Knowledgebase » Articles; Categories.

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