Advanced ticket submission with Email API

Advanced ticket submission with Email API

by Bosenyo November 15, 2016

Email API is a perfect solution for automated generation of tickets and their population with values generated by 3rd party systems using common email service.

The Email-to-Ticket utility converts incoming email messages into ScopeDesk tickets by parsing Email Subject, Body, Sender, Sender Email and Priority into the corresponding ticket fields: Subject, Message, Customer name, Customer Email (the registered Customers are automatically detected) and the ticket Priority, if enabled. Each email attachment is also added as a ticket attachment.

On the other side, Email API allows you to parse incoming email and to set various Ticket fields other than predefined by design. Whenever email body contains the corresponding field’s placeholders, the Email API will recognize them and add to the ticket record, based on the containing content. The set of placeholders with their proper values are obtained specifically for each custom ticket submission form as defined in the account settings.

For example, if the following custom submission fields are defined for Topic “Support”:

  • Select list field: Software Module
  • Text field: Module name
  • Select list field: Operating system
  • Checkbox field: Phone contact needed
  • Date field: Error appeared

then the corresponding Email API Placeholders could look like:


Note that placeholder’s values are specific and unique for each ScopeDesk account. The values above are for the reference only.

Eventually, the Ticket custom fields will be filled as:

  • Topic  Support
  • Software Module  Accounts Payable
  • Module name  Reporting
  • Operating system  Windows
  • Phone contact needed 
  • Error appeared  22-Nov-2016


The only necessary step from the customer side is that the email sender generate email containing the placeholders in the given format and send email to ScopeDesk account’s email address. The Email API along with the Email-to-Ticket utility will do the rest of the job and create a valid ticket. For specific ticket commands and email notification settings, the Workflow section provides a set commands to fulfill specific needs.

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