Multiple Help Desk Forms

Multiple Help Desk Forms

by Bosenyo April 01, 2015

Build multiple help desk forms – both submission and ticket update forms in addition to easy help desk and email data collection using Scopedesk’s powerful features.

Help Desk FormsThe new Scopedesk Forms module is one of the most robust tools in the Scopedesk platform and can be used for a variety of purposes. The simple design makes it easy to create any type of the submission form and Update form, providing you the functionality to review all ticket submissions and prepare data for further ticket processing.

Build Submission Forms

SDCustomFormsChoose from a variety of form elements to capture the right information from your ticket submission form. Form elements include: single line text, select lists, checkboxes, date, and more. Scopedesk takes its powerful ticket’s processing engine to view and update the status of all ticket submissions.

For each Submission form based on the Topic defined (Settings > Forms, Topics), you add one or more form elements, chose whether should be mandatory or not, and set their display order.

Ticket Update Forms

In the simple, but powerful way, build multiple ticket update forms available to your agents. The assigned agents take care of ticket responses and update meaningful data during the help desk processes.
For each Form/Topic, you add one or for elements that help your agents and managers to keep track on the ticket’s status. The Update Forms are available to agents under the “Update” action in the Ticket Details page.

Notifications and Workflow rules

Formsemail3Scopedesk Forms takes care of all the back-end validation that is required when a form is submitted. But you can also set up email notifications to let various people know when a new ticket form is submitted, and build an email template for each form. You even have the ability to send notifications to different email addresses based conditionally on the Form selected using Workflow rules. Simply take a “Topic” condition into your action rule and add the action and notifications as desired.

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