User Management

by Bosenyo December 27, 2015 How to

User Management features automate the entire process of creation, management, and provisioning of user accounts across your help desk, based

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Transform Your Service Desk into a Solutions Center

by Bosenyo December 17, 2013 Column

Focus on Service, Efficiency, Costs Companies can’t deny their dependence on service desk processes and technologies for their day-to-day operations.

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Measuring Response and Resolution Times in Service Desk

by Bosenyo September 24, 2013 How to

In every service or help desk team, it is important to customers that support team provide a consistent level of

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Benefits of using self-service customer support software

by Bosenyo July 29, 2013 Column

One of the fastest rising trends in customer support software is the usage of self-service software to bridge the gap

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Help desk ticket actions

by Bosenyo June 13, 2012 How to

Once you log into your Scopedesk account, you can view the client request and details containing all information and action

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Search through the ticket history

by Bosenyo December 07, 2011 News

We just added the possibility to search through the ticket history using free text search. You can search client and

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