Advanced ticket submission with Email API

by Bosenyo November 15, 2016 News

Email API is a perfect solution for automated generation of tickets and their population with values generated by 3rd party

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User Management

by Bosenyo December 27, 2015 How to

User Management features automate the entire process of creation, management, and provisioning of user accounts across your help desk, based

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Create custom agent side help desk fields

by Bosenyo January 12, 2015 How to

Scopedesk allows you to set up agent side help desk fields so you can update ticket information with specific data

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Transform Your Service Desk into a Solutions Center

by Bosenyo December 17, 2013 Column

Focus on Service, Efficiency, Costs Companies can’t deny their dependence on service desk processes and technologies for their day-to-day operations.

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Information access and management for HR department with help desk software

by Bosenyo January 24, 2013 Column

Employee relationship is essential function of human resource management. An effective communication process established through appropriate media reduces the risks

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