Customizes to your business profile and size

Don’t spend hours or days setting up your help desk application – Scopedesk can be up and running in less than 15 minutes with its flexible and easy-to-use configuration.

The lessons of the last several years tell us that a highly customized application with lots of additional implementation processes can become a significant barrier to successful deployment. Scopedesk has taken a middle of the road approach to deliver a solution that can support the complex requirements of a business without becoming burdensome.

Private or public help desk

Custom form fieldsDepending on your organization’s requirements, you can close the entire site to anonymous visitors, or allow visitors to access selected resources without having them sign in: Ticket submission form, Public knowledge base articles, Self-registration form.

Appearance and localization

Custom form fieldsYou can add your own logo and custom text in just a few mouse-clicks. The appearance section allows you to set background themes and a login page.
You can also adjust time correction and set your preferred date/time format.

Email templates

Email templatesEmail templates give you an easy way to predefine your email layouts using a set of variable placeholders, such as ticket subject and ID, date created, customer name, etc.

Custom form fields

Custom form fieldsYou can use the predefined form fields or custom form fields to capture information in the submission forms: text field, select list values and check-box.

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