Offer 24×7 self-service to your customers

Built with a simple layout, multiple navigation options and personalization capabilities, the dedicated self-service portal enriches customers’ experiences resulting in a reduction of overall costs and increased customer loyalty.

By enabling customers to easily log tickets and check on the status along with the ticket history, the portal improves the productivity of your team members and reduces the total cost of service delivery.

Customer registration and management

The customer management is designed to help you make the leap to a services oriented environment and enable help desk system that can be accessed by internal and external users worldwide. It automates the entire process of creation, management, and provisioning of user accounts across your help desk, based upon role-based policies.

The customers are grouped altogether, and then can be treated in a similar way within the system. In each group can be determined a Customer manager, who has permissions to manage tickets created by members of the group.

Self registration with approval

Self registration with approvalGuest users may run procedures to register and request access to your account. The self-registered account requests are routed for approval.

Bulk import customers

Bulk import customersEasily add multiple users to your account. Simply give it a list of the customer records in CSV format, and it does the rest.

Self-edit user profile

Self-edit user profileDepending on the permissions set by the account administrator, users have the ability to edit and update their contact information, profile picture, and more.

Search and export customer list

Search and export customer listSearch the entire customer list and export data to CSV, PDF, RTF or XML format.

Search and browse hierarchical Knowledge base

The customer area offers the user the choice to browse the articles in the knowledge base, or search based on keywords entered.

The articles and categories are grouped into a hierarchical knowledge base model to provide consistent answers to customer questions.

Permission-based category access

Permission-based category accessAssign knowledge base access permissions to each customer group and set them to be either visible or private.

Most popular and most recent articles

Most popular and most recent articlesList the most popular knowledgebase articles and answers according to user votes and also the latest published articles.

Link articles with agent replies

Link articles with agent repliesThe ticket integration allows you to increase resolution efficiency by linking ticket replies with relevant knowledge base articles.

Rate questions and answers

Rate questions and answersCapture user’s rates on the articles so you can refer what information your users search for.


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