Instant details about help desk activities

With valuable data at your fingertips, you’ll get a comprehensive and integrated real-time view into the service management data of your daily operations.

Analytic reports for managers

Reports play a vital role when it comes to service management solutions. Tickets that are opened, closed, or overdue at any time; the SLA violations that have happened; and who is sending the highest number of requests can all be known from the ready-made reports.

These reports provide a real-time summary analytic of all help desk team activities based on queues, agents, customers and customer groups.


Report Builder

Report Builder

Report Builder is a reporting tool that allows you to customize the layout of the report data by choosing the columns that your are interested in, applying filters, highlighting, and sorting. You can also define breaks, aggregations, computed columns and include a chart of the query results. Get a report on virtually any dimension of data: unresolved high-priority tickets, number of tickets per customer, average resolution time, estimated vs. actual time taken, etc.

Export analytic data

Export analytic dataExport reports to CSV, PDF, RTF and XML data format, which allows you a flexible way to print or transfer data.

Save customized reports

Save customized reportsSave the customized report for future use and provide a name and an optional description.

Column sorting and filtering

Column sorting and filteringPerform actions just by clicking on a column heading. This allows for sorting, hiding, and the ability to create a quick filter.

Column selection

Column selectionModify the ticket list columns and make them either displayed or hidden. Reorder the displayed columns and adjust to your needs.


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