Reduce help desk load with automated actions

A simple but powerful workflow engine allows you to automate help desk process to deliver consistent, reliable and superior service to both internal and external customers.

Workflow logic lets you create an extensive set of automated commands and triggers, based on the help desk actions or specific events. You can identify conditions, rules, and desired automation level for every action.

By setting different rules for individual customer or customers’ groups, as a result, you can dictate the level of service required for a given customer:
– Dispatch and prioritize
– Send various alerts to notify users and agents
– Escalate tickets to a higher service level
– Meet specific SLA.

Workflow rules


For each Customer or Agent action (Submit a new ticket, Reply, Close, Move), you can edit System workflow rule, or create a set of Custom workflow rules.
The Custom rules allows you to identify unique rules and automation for each specific ticket Topic, Subject, Customer, Assigned agent, Email address, keyword from the ticket Message, etc.

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