Focus on Collaboration and Consistency

Scopedesk provides support ticket management in a simple and customized way. As a result, your organization can keep everyone informed, provide superior service, and improve problem resolution time.

Multiple ticket queues for separate help desk teams

A ticket queue is a “Category” or “Workspace” that helps you keep your tickets and team organized. Queues are typically based on departments, assets, teams or customers. You have complete control on how to organize and manage ticket Queues. Compounded with workflow rules, each new ticket can be routed to specific Queue.
Each queue can have responsible agents and a queue manager, so initial dispatching, assignment and resolving can be carried out by separate teams handling different queues.

Predefined ticket actions

The Scopedesk ticket management functionality is based around a built-in set of ticket actions.

Experience shows that these functions are so often used that they were included as part of the core framework to spare the user from having to reinvent the same functionality over and over again.

Each of these actions leads you to a separate action form where you simply fill-in the data and confirm the action.

Full tickets history

Full tickets historyAll ticket changes are maintained. Every time a change occurs, all actions and their results are automatically recorded, as well as notifications and system messages.

Bulk actions

Bulk actionsWith bulk action feature, you can apply a single action to numerous tickets with a few clicks of the mouse, without moderating tickets one by one.

Export and print

Export and printScopedesk allows you to export all or any part of the ticket list to an export file in CSV, PDF, RTF or XML format, providing you with a flexible way to print or transfer data.

Billable time tracking

Billable time trackingThe duration of each action is monitored (in minutes), ensuring that managers know how much time is spent on each request or a ticket.

Ticket list flags

Ticket list flagsEach ticket in the list include quick preview icon and flags that indicates that a ticket has an internal note, attachment, creation channel or starred flag.

Full-text search

Full text searchThe Ticket list view gives you a compact view of all tickets across the selected queue or the entire ticket database. You can organize the list with default filters or your own queries.

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