“Easy to use and quick to get started. Very little training needed for agents. The support team for Scopedesk is awesome! Very quick to respond – customer service at it’s finest! The tool allows us to take the requests and assign them to the right functional area or SME to follow-up. It gave us a way to track and report on all requests coming into the Employee Solution Center. Works slick!

G&K Services started a new Employee Solutions Team to support Human Resources for our 7000 employees. This team provides support in all areas of HR, from employee relations, to work-related injuries, benefits to payroll. We needed a easy to use, quick to setup, application that could track requests for the internal support team. All of our HR employees are agents. The solution center team consists of 18 people and our entire HR team is about 60 employees.”

– Karen Sorensen, G&K Services

“I use Scopedesk to support 11 medical centers in upstate New York. It offers the means to track and triage issues related to our EMR and practice management systems. It has met with approval from my nurses and staff who have learned to master the software almost immediately. Thank you for providing such a useable service.

I looked for some time to find a product that met our strict mandate. 100% cloud hosted, with no software or services needed locally to run the software. It also needed to be priced reasonable, and simple enough for me to learn and train our support people to master.

Scopedesk allowed me to customize the application with our logo and provided a custom means for users to send us requests. In all respects Scopedesk has met our criteria. Even allowing a reporting back end and a means to create custom reporting and export of those reports as a .csv to import into excel.”

– Christopher Higbee, Lifetime Health Medical Group

“Our use of Scopedesk has improved our company’s ability to address issues across a standard platform supporting multiple companies across the United States in a unified and open environment. This transformed our customer support from using email and a broken ticket system to using a robust solution that keep our clients informed and in control of their support tickets.

I chose Scopedesk after doing hours of research looking for a cloud based ticketing system that was a low cost and had a development team that would respond quickly to requests. We have several companies under our umbrella with different/separate equipment, so the solution had to be cloud based. The cost per agent and the monthly service charges worked for our company because we liked the reoccurring charges over a onetime fee. This gives us the flexibility to use a superior system without costing us too much up front.

The advertised support system and development system have proved to be invaluable as the team responds quickly to requests and constantly makes improvements to the system. This alone is a huge advantage for Scopedesk.

I have had an exceptional experience with the interface as well as the sales/support team. I can see this software becoming widely adopted once more users are introduced to it.”

– Scott Davidson, Gart Companies