User Management

User Management

by Bosenyo December 27, 2015

User Management features automate the entire process of creation, management, and provisioning of user accounts across your help desk, based upon role-based policies.

It’s designed to help organizations make the leap to a services oriented environment and enable help desk system that can be accessed by internal and external users worldwide. It extends far beyond simple user account creation and management.

Role based access control

The permissions to perform certain operations are assigned to specific roles. Roles are primarily used to apply company-wide security policies in the ticket management system, or they can be used to allocate a specific permissions to agents on specific Queues – an Agent may have “Manager” role in one Queue, and “Agent” role in another Queue.

Roles are also used in Workflow rules, where agents are required to transition a workflow, as well as in the Reporting and Knowledge base sections.


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